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Ben's Appliance Service & Oscar's Appliance Parts and Ben's Appliance Service & Oscar's Appliance Parts

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Ben's has been in the appliance business for 26 years. We are experienced in refrigeration as well as electronic and mechanical needs. Ben's Appliance Service is also certified under the National Appliance Service Technician Certification (NASTEC).

Friendly, reliable in-home repair

We will promptly repair almost all of your major appliances. Call us today so we can diagnose the problem and supply you with an estimate. All of our repairs come with a 90 day guarantee.

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Experienced repair

Ben's Appliance Service has experienced, friendly and reliable technicians ready to serve your needs. Ben's is so confident, all service and labor comes with a 90 day warranty.

"The work was done promptly and well.”

- Cutie P.

NASTEC certified means we "do the job right"

Ben's Appliance Service will repair all of your larger appliances. If you have a smaller appliance you need repaired, or a part for it so you can do it yourself, check out Oscar's Appliance Parts!

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